AS Counselling North London
With Alice Cook and Sue Heap

Our Way of Working

We believe that therapy does not need to be mysterious. Clarity is important for you to feel comfortable and to know that you and your needs are in focus. We will actively discuss the model which might best meet your needs.

Using a structured approach, we aim to:

Build a connection: Successful therapy depends on you feeling listened to and heard, and having the time and space to tell your story. This is a two way process because therapy is built on a partnership between two active participants. It’s important that you have the right environment to identify exactly what will be best for our therapy partnership.

We have worked with hundreds of people from different backgrounds, cultures and ways of thinking. We are skilled at making a connection quickly and establishing a safe and shared understanding of what is important and meaningful to you.

Make a plan of action: Together we will identify the form of therapy which you feel most comfortable with and the time frame which is going to work for you. We will outline the options, which might be to use a treatment like EMDR to work on a trauma based issue, or short term counselling to explore issues such as anxiety, low self-esteem or depression. You may have long standing issues which you want to explore more deeply over a longer period of time. We will suggest a strategy and agree a schedule to review progress towards your goals.

Be flexible: As we start to work together, different issues and questions may arise. We are flexible practitioners and will focus on what is most pressing for you and which style of working feels right to you. We will give you our feedback and thoughts as we progress and will encourage you to do the same, so you are in control of the process.
Alice: 07733 276 854 - (Registered with Counselling Directory)  |  Sue: 07804 593 937 - ( Counselling Directory )
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